Weeknotes S01E01: am I doing this right?

I’ve never written weeknotes before. I’ve meant to do it for a long time but just never got round to it. A month ago, I started a new job as a product manager at ECC and a few others are doing it (especially James, who started at the same time as me).

Job-related information/Intranet(?)

I’ve been looking at how we provide ECC staff with information they need to do their jobs. I say Intranet with a (?) because it’s probably not the right word, but we don’t have a better one yet. Before I arrived, the team did a great Discovery looking at this. I’ve been learning a lot, which sort of feels like unwrapping an onion, where I think I’ve got a good understanding and then I find a new corner of the Miro board with something new. But I love learning, so that’s fun.

Local offer

The local offer is a website that ECC (and all councils) provide to help people get information about services for children and young people with special and educational needs and disabilities. I’ve got less to say on this one, because I’ve only really started to get involved this week. We’ve been doing some detective work looking at what we spend on the current solution to help us build a case for change. It’s quite fun to see a picture build up from various different questions and bits of information.


On Friday we had an amazing sketching workshop. It’s great to be on a team where people make the time to prepare and run things like this, and I’m always so impressed by everyone’s skills. I was a bit apprehensive about it in advance but I had great fun, got to know the rest of the team (and myself) better, and I’m looking forward to doing more of that in future.