Weeknotes S01E05: the good kind of busy

Local Offer

We had a great sprint planning session on Monday. Everyone on the team talking about what they were planning to work on felt like a great way for people to contribute. It still feels a little bit uncertain where we’ll end up at the end of the next two weeks, but that’s partly just because we’re at the beginning of Discovery, and I think it’ll get clearer as time goes on.

Other stuff

Emma Howell had this great idea of me coming to speak to the user research and content design team about product management. I’m the only product manager at ECC at the moment, so I tried to frame the session in terms of approaches that people across the team could use. Emma also made a great point about how we might be able to upskill people in the organisation as product owners (or service owners?) if they don’t have much digital experience. We need to do some more thinking about this.


I work with some great people, and I’m very happy about that. That’s all. 😊



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