Weeknotes S01E05: the good kind of busy

I was away most of last weekend, so I was a bit tired to start the week. Also, I’d got fed up waiting for my second vaccine appointment, so I went along to a walk-in centre on Monday and got it early. All very efficient and actually took less time than my first (pre-booked) dose, since it was a bit closer to home. Later in the week, I travelled down to Colchester, and I’m spending a bit of time here to look around. It’s lovely but it was a bit of a long day on Wednesday travelling.

Local Offer

As I was doing a few other things, I wasn’t able to get as involved in the work as I would have liked this week. But maybe that’s not actually a bad thing! It’s been really nice to start to see the results start coming from user research with families and service users. Still finding my feet with my role in this one.

Other stuff

Preparing for the session took more time than I thought — mainly because I’m still fairly new to all this, and so I struggled a bit to frame things neatly. But it was a great experience and I got some lovely feedback. 👍

We had a chat with Tech Services about how we might manage migrations and redirects from the Intranet. It was fun to get into some deep technical conversations for a while. This will need quite a bit of further exploration and testing, both with users and tech, but it’s good to have started the conversation.

A bunch of other stuff too — quite a bit of context switching this week. One to watch.