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Holy S#*t I’m finally brave enough to ask for your email address.

Blog #3

What they don’t tell you about owning a creative small business.

Resignation Letter — 2008

Slow Down to Do More: “Do We Have Technology Induced Attention Deficit Disorder?”

The future of “working from home” is closer than we think!

Here are all the resources you need to make the most out your trip to Silicon Valley.

How culture and process are delivering surprising results during COVID

What a Zen Priest & Peter Drucker Have in Common

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Keelan Fadden-Hopper

Keelan Fadden-Hopper


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Patch 1.9

Background is short, green grass. In the foreground is a red, blue and white striped picnic blanket with a small tan and white dog to the top left, facing towards the top right corner, with a tan lead descending towards the centre foreground. To the right is a grey laptop case, on top of a green and patterned fabric shopping bag, leaning against a black backpack.

Reconnect With Your Inner Child

Growing Despite the Odds

Illness Jaccard Similarity — Assignment 3